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Guest book

We are very pleased to have shared the learning experience with you here at Caprini Sprachwelten!

We would be delighted if you were to leave a comment for our team to keep those great memories of our time together from fading away.

“The German pronunciation was a big challenge for me!

But my teacher at Caprini Sprachwelten showed me some effective oral exercises to help me master those skills and now I don´t have any problems with speaking the language."


“ ´Nominative, accusative, dative…what is that?´, I thought in the beginning.
Thanks to my teacher at Caprini Sprachwelten who gave clear and simple explanations and now German grammar is even fun for me!

I easily learned to write and speak and now German seems to be logical! :)”


„I was able to speak German very well.

But I needed specific terms and themes related to my job.

At Caprini Sprachwelten I got a learning program, which was especially for my needs.

Furthermore, I learned how to use various methods which vastly improved my way of expressing myself while speaking, as well as in written form.


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