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„I was able to speak German very well.

But I needed specific words for my job.

At Caprini Sprachwelten I got a learning program, which was especially for my needs.

Furthermore, I learned different formulations, which improved my oral and written expression very much.”

Dank Caprini Sprachwelten konnte ich eine Ausbildung zur Medizinischen Fachangestellten beginnen
Die Caprini Schule bietet Deutschkurse auf hohem Niveau für alle Sprachstufen an

“The German pronunciation was a big challenge for me!

But my teacher at Caprini Sprachwelten showed me special exercises for mouth motion so I could pronounce words and letters with the correct sound.

Now speaking is not a problem anymore.”

“Nominative, accusative, dative…what is that?

I was thinking at the beginning.
But then it got fun with German grammar, because my teacher at Caprini Sprachwelten explained in a simple and clear way how to use it.

I easily learnt to write and speak and now German seems to be logical! :)”

Welcome to

Caprini Sprachwelten!

„…weil Sprachen Türen öffnen. Wir sind der Schlüssel dafür!“

As soon as you learn a language, all kinds of new possibilities will arise for you.

Buying a loaf of bread on your own, ordering a cup of coffee, telling how you are or writing an application, and then being invited to a job interview.

Through our language courses, we make all of this possible for you.

We take you into the exciting world of language learning, through well-structured, lively and communicative lessons. We attach great importance to a pleasant and personal learning atmosphere, where also individual wishes are taken into account.

On your way to learning the language you will be accompanied by the experienced and motivated team of Caprini Sprachwelten.

Deutschkurse von A1 bis C2 werden von Sprachschule "Caprini Sprachwelten" in Würzburg angeboten

You want to learn a new


We look forward to your visit.


Du liebst die deutsche Sprache und hast Spaß, diese zuvermitteln?

..... dann wartet dein TRAUMJOB und ein tolles TEAM auf dich !...

Caprini Sprachwelten bietet Deutschkurse von A1 bis C2 mit hoher Motivation und Überzeugung für Sprachenvielfalt in Würzburg

At Caprini Sprachwelten

online courses take place!

Evening courses, intensive courses or individual lessons 

If you are interested, please send us an e-mail or call us.

BAMF-courses do not take place online.

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