About us – "School as a community"

Caprini Sprachwelten attaches great importance to the we-feeling.

The school is a place that is about more than just the curriculum.

Self-reliance, responsibility, solidarity and helpfulness enrich the course of our day and create a climate of respect, mutual support and friendliness.

This develops a clear transparency and the best possible honest cooperation which creates a pleasant, effective and joyful learning atmosphere.

We see diversity as wealth. Everyone is unique and brings experience, ideas and personality to school.

For everybody, participants and employees, there is room to grow.

In this room, we create a space for personal development, ideas and new solution strategies.

At Caprini Sprachwelten, communication is one of the key issues. We care about an open and constructive communication in all directions: participants - teachers - office - employment agency - authorities ... and many more.

The school provides the teachers with time and equipment to enable creative development as well as the further development of own competences.

The central idea of "school as a community" is an integral part of our corporate culture.

Caprini Sprachwelten IS its employees and participants.

The employees and participants ARE Caprini Sprachwelten.

In this sense, welcome to Caprini Sprachwelten.

Our Team

"Knowing languages is finding access to the people."

Fr. Caprini


"Languages are the ladders over the walls between the cultures."

Fr. Hasych

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"Languages are the keys to the world."

Fr. Kaiser

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"The language is the clothing of thoughts and feelings."

Fr. Kneitz


"Languages are the keys to the world."

Fr. Osewold

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"All languages have their own character. They help us to express thoughts and feelings in words and to share them with various people."

Fr. Teichmann


"The greatness of a language can be recognized in its untranslatable words."

Hr. Varnaliev


"Each language opens up a new view of life."

Fr. Weisser

 Unser Teamausflug 2019